To create a love of soccer by providing the best opportunity to play, enjoy, learn and excel.

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To alleviate the field overcrowding issues we have experienced in the past, the following policy has been implemented for practices. All coaches are asked to ensure they are in compliance when scheduling their practices. If the info below causes you issues, please contact your Director for assistance.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Upper Field
U6 and U8 U6 and U8 U10 In-town U6 and U8 Open
Lower Field
U10 In-town U12 Boys U11 Boys U10 Travel Girls
and U12 Girls
Midstate U11 Boys U10 Boys
U10 Boys
U12 Boys Open
Washington U14 Boys U12 and U14 Girls U14 Boys U13 and
u14 Boys
U13 and
u14 Boys