To create a love of soccer by providing the best opportunity to play, enjoy, learn and excel.

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Once registration closes, any and all registrations at that point are considered LOCKED and refunds will not be issued.  

Changing one’s mind, carpooling, and scheduling conflicts are not valid reasons for a refund.  If your child is “not liking it” or if there is an issue with a teammate, parent or coach, the league will attempt to rectify your situation.  However, this is not an acceptable reason for a refund. If a person so chooses to leave Meriden Soccer Club on their own accord after the start date, a refund will not apply.

Meriden Soccer Club is a non-profit organization run solely on registration fees.  The Registration fee is used to provide every player a uniform, referees, professional coaching, field upkeep, equipment, a trophy/award, insurance, CJSA fees and numerous other administrative items behind the scenes.

There may be instances where there are extenuating circumstances.   For these unique instances, a request in writing must be sent to the respective Director and each item will be evaluated individually by the Exectuve Board to determine if a refund applies.  If a refund is allowed, the amount could be adjusted to account for the uniform, CJSA fee, timing of the refund and other costs. In most cases if there is a refund, it will be issued once the full season is completed.

All Board Decisions are final.